Bendery Starch Products Works Ltd. Produce with a high quality starch corn from genetically not modified raw material - grains of corn.
    The quality meets the requirements:
  • GOST 7697-82;
  • RUSSIAN GOST أخرز R 51985-2002;
  • European conditioned.
Quantum of output: 80 tons per day.

Packing: polypropylene bag with loose leaf.

Parcelling: bags about 30kg or it can be big-bag up to 1000kg.

Marking: on the label shortcut.
  • Railway transport - boxcar;
  • Motor transport - self-reference (by own forces);
  • Sea transport - boxcar or container.
    Delivery terms:
  • Railway transport - 60 tons (box-wagon);
  • Motor transport - unrestricted.
Our enterprise has experience of delivery of starch in the CIS countries and the Europe

We have discounts which depend on volumes of consumption and conditions of delivery.

Starch and starch products are widely adopted in pulp and paper industry, in textile manufacture, oil-producing industry and over industries.