Candy syrup together with granulated sugar is the main raw material for confectionery production; it is the necessary component of caramel, chewing sweets, milk sweets and pastille marmalade sweets. Also syrup is used to make confitures, jams, rolls and buns and children's foodstuff.
By external syrup is viscous transparent liquid, colorless or light yellow color.
Viscosity of syrup depends on saccharification degree, i.e. carbohydrate mixture, dry substances content and temperature of reducing substances.
During the syrup production process the filtration of syrup is made many times on the different stages of technological process, that is accordingly having an effect on syrup quality (transparency) it can be estimated organolepticly by external.
Syrup is stored in the special tanks, designed for keeping syrup until moment of pouring it to cisterns.
Before pouring it from storing tanks to tank-wagons or other tanks, brought up to send to consumer, syrup is heated up to reduce viscosity.
Syrup is poured into the special tank-wagons, which have the coil or steam-jacket for heating up the syrup and pouring arrangement in the bottom, besides this it can be poured into tank containers, tank trucks for food liquids, steel barrels, aluminium barrels, wooden barrels, metal churn.
Before shipping syrup to consumer it is weighed without fail.

Shelf life of syrup is one year from the day of making, with the condition of preservation from solarization.