Dry corn gluten is the valuable product received during processing of a grain on starch and candy syrup. It represents pure protein and possesses fine nutritious properties.
On caloric content corn gluten stands on the second place after animal and vegetative fats. The gluten protein is characterized with the high contents of sulfur-bearing amino acids-methionine and cystine. Also there is enough linoleum acid in it, which positively exerts influence on animals’ productivity. On energy 1kg of gluten is equivalent to 7kg of corn, and on a protein – to 1kg of a fish flour.
Corn gluten contains more exchange energy by 36%, more protein by 28% and four times more linoleum acid than soybean hulls (watch the table).

Nutrition indexCorn gluten, %Soybeans hulls, %Corn, %
Crude protein60,0044,008,20
Exchange energy, kcal/100g350220330
Dry substances90,0090,0087,00
Crude cellulose1,207,002,20
Linoleum acid2,000,541,78
Methionine + cystine2,981,320,27

High level of a natural pigment xanthophyll is the conclusive advantage of corn gluten for manufacturers of eggs (breeding, food) and fowl. Due to this, even at an insignificant doze of gluten in mixed fodder (3-5%), a broiler carcass color gets a golden shade, and a yolk of eggs gets the sated painting. It is recommended to add 3-5% of corn gluten to mixed fodders for repair young animals, 10-15% - for an adult bird and 5-10% for chickens – broilers.
Corn gluten found wide application in manufacture of mixed fodders due to the high nutritional value and good physical characteristics. This product has a cream-yellow color, a pleasant smell; with the observance of corresponding conditions gluten doesn't lose the properties not less than 6 months at floor storage in a cool, dry, ventilated facility in bulk and in bags, and in silos - not less then 1 year.
Dry corn gluten is packed into the polypropylene bags, 30kg each, is sew up threads and stack on pallets for prevention of self-warming.
Dry corn gluten is transported by any kind of covered carriers.

Shelf life of gluten is 6 months from the day of making.