The CHEAPEST corn starch in Europe!

Bendery Starch Products Complex Ltd. one of the largest enterprises of the processing industry in Moldova. In February 2009 we were ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 certified.
Production capacity оf our enterprises at the moment allow to process every day 150 tons of corn (up to 40000 tons in a year).
Bendery Starch Products Complex Ltd. is the only maize-milling factory in Moldova.
Today our enterpris has restored a name of one of the advanced enterprises in CIS in production of starch products.
Our main products are:
  1. Native Corn Starch;
  2. Corn Gluten Meal;
  3. Wet Milled Corn Germs;
  4. Corn Bran;
  5. Corn Condensed Extractives.

Modernization of production capacities has allowed us:
  • to increase the scope of manufacture;
  • to improve quality of production.

In the close future we plan to produce some new products, such as:
  • many kinds of syrups;
  • modified starches.

Today we guarantee:
  • regular deliveries by truck, sea or railway, such as;
  • flexible conditions of payment;
  • any packaging due to customer's requirements, like big-bags, multiply paper and polypropylene bags.

Trade prefences issued by European Commission in March 2008 allowed us to enter international markets, exporting the goods duty-free.
The modern quality control system working on the plant allows us to produce high quality products, corresponding to the requirements of European standarts and consumers. Our partners are the biggest enterprises of foodstuff, confectionary, flavoring, textile, wood-processing and paper industries in CIS and EU countries.

We are hoping for fruitful long-term cooperation !

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